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Royal Shahnaz is the top of beauty ladies salons in karama, Dubai. We offer some best hair treatments and natural-looking hair extensions that are super high quality to fit you. Hair services include different style hair-cuts, hair colouring, re-bonding, keratin treatment, Botox treatment, Spa treatment, Perming etc. Visit our ladies salon in karama and explore the services.


ladies salon in karama

Ladies salon in Karama

Royal Shahnaz provides you professional beauty salon and spa services. We offer hair packages at affordable price. We, Royal Shahnaz has well-qualified staffs for the work. So you get the best result for your hair.

Our services

Hair colouring

We are one of the ladies salons in karama for colouring and cut. Boasting internationally trained team of professionals who make natural looks or opts for more standouts, funky colours if you are feeling adventurous. Expect to find no of service ranging from highlights and permanent hair colour to semi glossing.

Straightening and Rebonding

At Royal Shahnaz offers you a high-quality hair straightening and rebonding services is a permanent hair straitening treatments that transform unruly, fizzy hair into desirable super sleek looks. The process that modifies the structure of the hair bonds for a professional and lasting effect. Straightening and Rebonding is the best and most efficient way to achieve flawlessly straight hair.

Keratin treatment

Here we provide a quality service, first, this treatment gives back strength your hair and it protects your hair from harshness you encounter on a daily basis. This will eliminate frizz and give you a smooth, silky and shiny hair that you desire. Keratin treatment is a wonderful solution not only for your hair but also for your confidence.



Hair Botox treatment

Hair Botox treatment is seemly for all types of hairs, but if you are suffering from dry, frizzy or dull hair then you can get more benefits by this treatment. The treatment is recommended for over-processed or damaged hair and if you want to restore it to former glorifying look.

Hair Spa treatment

Hair spa treatment focuses more on hair deep conditioning hydrating the hair roots and scalp that help to strengthen hair follicles. This treatment deeply conditions the hair roots boosting hair re-growth.

Ladies salon in Karama

Here at Royal Shahnaz we never compromise with quality. Our friendly and professional staffs offer a warm welcome and provide all services you should expect from a modern salon. The goal is to provide best beauty services and make you more beautiful. Come visit us.

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