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From simple haircuts to premium hair treatments, our Hair Salon in Karama, has you covered with our stylists with over 25 years of industry experience to service you with the best only.


A haircut at Royal Shahnaz Salon is no ordinary one. Our expert stylists not only create a look for your face, but we also add movement and volume to your hair.

Book an appointment at our Hair Salon in Karama now and experience a refreshing look for yourself.

Hair Styling

Your hair deserves timely care, nourishment, styling, and treatment. Our expert stylists provide you the best styling options. We also assess and identify your best features and modify your styles to bring out your best feature and add to your personality.

Think of Royal Shahnaz Salon when you think of your next hair styling session. Book your appointment now for your next Hair Styling session.

Hair Colour

At Royal Shahnaz, we pride ourselves as being a place of relaxation for all the women that walk into our salon. When we say we offer head to toe services, we mean it. Our services include premium hair colouring packages to provide you the best results for your makeover with us.

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Trending right now in the beauty industry are highlights. They will give your hair both depth & dimension. At Royal Shahnaz, we understand the importance of healthy hair which is why we take maximum care in choosing the right colour for you. We also make sure that the colour suits your complexion, face and overall look.

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Straightening & Rebonding

A permanent hair straightening treatment to transform unruly, wavy or even frizzy hair – Straightening and Rebonding can convert the hair into desirable, super sleek locks. This treatment modifies the structure of the hair bonds for a lasting effect. Once the hair has been treated, rebonded and washed by our specialists, the hair is dried and straightened to maintain a beautifully straight look.

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Revitalise your hair on a permanent basis with tight tresses or.long, loose curls without constant maintenance with a perm.

There are two types of perm for you to choose from: hot or cold. Hot perms begin with an hour long treatment that relaxes and prepares your hair for curling. Loose curls are then created using curling irons, which are subsequently styled into rollers connected to a temperature regulating device. This treatment then lasts for three to four hours. In the case of a cold perm, the hair is soaked in an alkaline solution and tightly wound around rollers to create the curls, taking between two and two and a half hours.

Book your perming appointment at our Hair Salon in Karama now.


Brazilian Keratin

Brazilian Keratin products help revitalise your hair in its outer layers, repairing damage caused by off-the-counter hair dye or other treatments. One session will leave your hair smoother and stronger. In just an hour and a half, it’s left softer and shinier, with all the moisture and damage repaired. No more worries about that irritating frizz.

Book your Brazilian Keratin Treatment appoint at the Best Hair Salon in Karama now.


Hair Botox

Hair Botox, rich in antioxidants (sourced from acai berry extract and natural caffeine) and containing absolutely no formaldehyde, stimulates the scalp, restores hair’s lost protein by penetrating the hair shaft, and protects hair against free radical damage, UV rays and humidity. Once hair is treated with  your Hair Botox, you’ll be left with hair that is shinier, feels stronger, and is easier to style by restoring lost nutrients in your hair.

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Hair Treatments

Like anything else, your hair too succumbs to the harsh conditions of this world, resulting in hair fall, split ends, brittleness, roughness and other such problems. Fight against these problems with various hair treatments such as the Hot Oil treatment, Botox mask or even a Fruit mask.

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Hair Extension

You would be fascinated by the new look that hair extensions could give you in a matter of just a few hours. At Royal Shahnaz, our experts provide premium quality hair extensions that suit your hair texture and face without compromising on quality.

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Haircut & Styling

Straight Cut

U Cut

Layer /Step Cut Trim
AED50 Onwards

Haircut Makeover
AED60 Onwards

Wash & Quick Blow-dry

Kids Haircut

Wash & Proper Blow Dry

Blow Dry Straight

Blow Dry Curl

Hair Trim

Ironing(depend on length of hair)
AED50 Onwards

Hair Curling
AED50 Onwards

AED100 Onwards


Highlights without Prelightening

Highlights with Prelightening

Crown Highlights

Hair Spa

Keratin Hair Spa

Loreal Hair Spa

Matrix Hair Hydro Therapy

Hair Spa Deep Conditioning

Hair Deep Conditioning

Spa Treatment

Head Massage

Head Massage with Wash


Hair Re-Bonding
AED400 Onwards

Keratin Treatment

AED400 Onwards

Brazilian Keratin
AED400 Onwards

Hair Botox

Hair Botox
AED450 Onwards

Caviar Botox
AED500 Onwards


Hair Smoothening
AED300 Onwards

Hair Treatments

Hot Oil Treatment

Matrix Hair Dandruff Biolage

Hair Extensions

Micro-Ring Extension Fixing(3/Piece)

Keratin Bonds only Fixing(3/Piece)

Tape Hair Extension(3/Piece)

Two Piece Extension Sewing

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