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Facials involved a cleansing procedure, a massage as well as cream and apply a face mask. There are so many benefits of facials. It helps to reduce stress, avoids dead cells, it prevents aging, rejuvenate our skin, treat acne and acne mark, eliminate whiteheads and blackheads, improve blood circulation, exfoliate our skin and give us an even skin tone.

Here at Royal Shahnaz, we offer one of the best facials in Dubai. There are provide different types of facials services, they are:


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SHALIFE FACIAL:  It is the product from Shahnaz Hussein signature salon which helps the skin look younger; it slows down the look of aging. It also helps to moisturize and refresh the dull and dry skin and reducing the appearance of age spots and skin and skin blotches.

HONEY FACIAL:   It helps to open up your skin pores and to cleanse them and get rid of blackheads. Its antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-bacterial property allow it to fight acne by keeping your pores from oil and dirt at the same time keep them tight and hydrate and give a clear complexion.

CHOCOLATE FACIAL: Chocolate facial suits for every skin type. It is a delectable skin treatment for your skin that will love and from taking care of blemishes and boosting the production of collagen and hydrate your skin.

CASMARA FACIAL: It is a professional facial treatment with anti-spots illuminating actions and whitening actives. Casmara professional treatment is the best choice in professional cosmetics it provides specific skincare and gets gets a specific skin.

GLYCOLIC FACIAL: It is the special facial treatment in which the acid is applied to the skin of the face to penetrate deeply and cleanse and restore the skin. They are recommended to shrink the pores and improve the overall look of the skin of the face and neck.

Royal Shahnaz Salon one of the best beauty salons in Dubai offers all types of facial and skin services customized to suit your skin types. We provide the best beauty parlor packages at an affordable range. Our main aim is to provide quality services with sheer perfection and utmost satisfaction.

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