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Benefits Of Body Waxing

Published by Royal Shahnaz

Most women are confused which opt  to while choose waxing is considered to be better .You must keep in mind your skin type, hair texture and hair growth before make a decision. There are different types of waxing hard wax; soft wax and roll on wax, all have different benefits and purpose. Waxing is the favorable air removal method for many. For the reason that it’s fast, hair is removed from the root, enjoy being hairless for 3-6 weeks, it can be performed anywhere in the body.

Waxing is great for some people, if it is hard for you don’t worry as there are so many options for hair removal available. Soft wax is what is usually think of when you think in body waxing. Soft wax is applied with a waxing spatula before being removed using muslin strip. This wax is best suited for larger area such as legs, arms and armpits. Soft wax adhere the skin more than hard wax and exfoliating more. Soft wax grabs fine hair perfectly and better than hard wax. Soft wax cannot be applied twice at the same spot because it can remove layer of dead cell. Even if soft wax is tends to be sticker than hard wax there is no special preparation needed.

Hard wax is little different. It is thicker and applied warm with spatula. Once the wax hardens, it is removed without the use of strips. When waxing the face, hard wax is mainly used. Hard wax is lea painful on the face than soft wax. It can only be applied in small area of the body; it is not efficient for larger area. It garbs shorter hair, eliminating the need to wax the same area twice. Hard wax leaves no sticky residue; it is much easier to clean up.

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